Outdoor Photography - The Pacific Northwest

In 2016 me and two friends traveled across the Pacific Northwest, photographing beautiful forests, national parks and beaches. We had no set agenda other than to reach Vancouver, BC and return to Los Angeles within 16 days. We had some amazing opportunities to capture the diversity and beauty of the northwestern United States and British Columbia, Canada. Photography by Brandon Miller and Micah Malinics. Photos edited by Micah Malinics

November 05, 2016
In the summer of 2016 two of my friends from Lancaster, Pennsylvania flew out to the West Coast for a 16 day, 1,500 mile road trip from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada. 
We agreed to avoid as many major highways and bypasses as possible, opting for national parks and scenic views instead.
Brandon's Canon 6D provided some great opportunities to capture low-light and nighttime photography, such as the photo above.
Vancouver, BC
Vancouver, BC was incredible! We stayed at this super nice airbnb just outside of Vancouver but spent most of our time in the city. 
Canon Beach, Oregon
Yosemite National Park, California
Yosemite is hands down my favorite National Park. After driving into the park pre-6:00 AM, we waited in line and secured camping spots at Camp 4, right in the heart of the valley.
Micah (left), Brandon (center), Quintin (right)
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